Why Attend?



Today’s Hardware Design Practices demand extensive expertise.

This is mostly due to the constantly evolving

Data Transfer Rates. 

In addition to the “Legacy” practices,

the “New-Age” Hardware Designer needs to hold deep

 knowledge and expertise

in the field of Signal Integrity & Power Integrity, RF and EMC.

DGCON, initiated by Dgtronix,

is the leading Israeli Conference targeted to provide

essential Technical Knowledge, covering many aspects of

Hardware Design including: 

  • Simulations and Advanced Simulation Tools

  • IC & Passive Interconnects Modelling double “L”

  • Ultra-High-Speed SERDES and Interfaces

  • Test & Measurement Tools

  • Advanced Board Design and PCB Layout Methodologies

  • Modern PCB Materials & Manufacturing


Following it's


in 2013, 2014 & 2015 & 2017

Dgtronix is teaming up once again with

Technology Market Leader Companies,

World Class Experts and Local-Israeli Experts

the DGCON Conference aimes to meet Market needs

for the Advanced Hardware Designers. 


  • Hardware Designers

  • ASIC Designers

  • FPGA Designers

  • PCB Layout Designers

  • VP R&Ds Hardware Directors

  • Test Engineers

  •  Verification Engineers

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineering Managers

  • Field Application Engineers

  • Principal Engineers

  • Senior Design Engineers,

  • Signal Integrity / EMC Engineers

  • RF Engineers

  • System Engineers

Why Attend?

Designed For SI/PI Engineers 
Gurus From All Over
The World
Cutting Edge
Open-Eye Design Techniques
With Fellow Engineers

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