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Dudi Tash


Founder & CEO, Dgtronix

Dudi founded Dgtronix in 2008 and is company CEO.

 Combining a strong technical and business background, Dudi leads the Dgtronix team with  over 30 years of Hardware Design,  development experience, and 15 years of experience in Signal and Power Integrity.

Prior to Dgtronix, Dudi held the following positions:​

HW Director at Slyde Technologies, a multimedia-on-wireless provider

Senior HW Development Engineer at Flexlight Networks,

actively involved in the area of GPON;

Senior HW Development Engineer at Silicom (part of the RAD Group), dedicated to SAN communications systems;

Digital HW Development Engineer at Atrica (NSN), an optical communications company with a focus on 10G Ethernet Digital HW Development Engineer at Orckit Communications (Corrigent), a leading xDSL system provider


Dudi holds a BSc (TE) in Electrical Engineering and an MBA,
both from Tel Aviv University.

dudi tash
steve sandler
steve2_300 ppi.jpg

Steve Sandler


Managing Director, Picotest

Steve Sandler has been involved with power system engineering for nearly 40 years. Steve is the founder of, a company specializing in power integrity solutions including measurement products, services and training. He frequently lectures and leads workshops internationally on the topics of power, PDN and distributed systems and is a Keysight certified expert for EDA software.

Steve frequently writes articles and books related to power supply and PDN performance.  His latest book, Power Integrity: Measuring, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Power-Related Parameters in Electronics Systems, was published by McGraw-Hill in 2014.  Steve founded AEi Systems, a well-established leader in worst-case circuit analysis and troubleshooting of high reliability systems.


Keynote Speaker

mike resso
mike resso.jpg

Signal Integrity Application Scientist , Keysight Technologies

Mike Resso has over twenty-five years of experience in the test and measurement industry. His resume includes the design and development of electro-optic test instrumentation for aerospace and commercial applications.  Mike’s most recent activity has focused on the complete multiport characterization of high speed digital interconnects, using Time Domain Reflectometry and Vector Network Analysis. 

He has authored over 30 professional publications including a book on signal integrity. Mike has been awarded one US patent and has twice received the Agilent “Spark of Insight” Award for his contribution to the company. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California.

crstian filip
cristian filip.JPG

Product Architect High-Speed Analysis Products, Mentor Graphics

Cristian is an experienced electronics and telecommunications engineer with a solid foundation and strong academic background in Signal & Power Integrity, High-speed, Digital Logic Design, Programmable Logic, Computer Architecture, and PCB Design. He’s an  expert in signal/power integrity tools, schematic and board layout tools in system design involving high speed digital, mixed signal or RF circuit cards. Author/co-author of several papers and articles including two Best Paper Awards (DesignCon 2016 and 2018).

HeeSoo LEE.jpg

Hee-Soo Lee

Hee-soo has held several different positions at  Keysight Technologies, Agilent Technologies, and Hewlett-Packard including field applications engineer, consulting business manager, and marketing application engineer since 1989. Prior to this, he worked for Daeryung Ind, Inc. as a RF/MW circuit design engineer. Hee-Soo has more than 30 years of design and simulation experience in the area of RF, Microwave, and high-speed designs. He  holds a BSEE degree from the Hankuk Aviation University, South Korea.

hee so lee

Product owner , Keysight Technologies

Dassault Systems


Danilo Di Febo

Danilo Di Febo was born in Atri (TE), Italy, in 1980. He received the Laurea degree in electronic engineering in 2009 and his Ph.D. in electrical and information engineering in 2013, both from the University of L’Aquila, Italy.

The main focus of his activities has been modelling and analysis of complex systems, signal and power integrity on PCB, signal and power integrity on complex systems that involve boards placed in the final position, cables and all the connections, EMC analysis of integrated system.

In the past Danilo has  worked on IBIS files, improving  their function and correcting all the errors generated by IBIS rules checker, using  stand-alone tools developed in Java, and on EMC on satellite modules and avionic equipment’s. He has also been involved in on FSV feature selective validation, a tool that implements an IEEE strategy to compare data using an engineering approach.


Dan Froelich

Director of Systems Engineering and Domain Expert, PCIe, Tektronix

Dan Froelich joined Tektronix in November 2018.  For the prior 18 years Dan worked as an Intel engineer and architect focused on specification and compliance test methodology development for USB and PCI Express standards. Dan served as co-chair of the PCI-SIG electrical workgroup and technical editor for the electrical specification for the PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0 specification development. Dan also served as chair of the PCI-SIG Card Electromechanical (CEM) workgroup and technical editor from 2005 to 2018 covering the PCI Express 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and early 5.0 CEM specification development.  In addition, Dan served as co-chair of the Serial Enabling (Compliance Program) workgroup from 2007 - 2018 and served as technical editor and technical lead.

dan froelich
Alex Manukovsky

Alex Manukovsky

Technical lead of the Signal & Power Integrity, Intel

Alex Manukovsky is a technical lead of the Signal & Power Integrity team at Intel’s Networking Division, responsible for the development of indoor link simulators for high speed serial links. Alex combines  both traditional methods of frequency and time domain simulation along with machine learning capabilities.

shimon mordooch
Shimon Mordooch.jpg

R&D Project Manager, Harmonic Video Networks

Shimon Mordooch is an R&D Project Manager at Harmonic Video Networks. He has over 24 years of experience of various hardware design aspects in the field of telecommunications and networks, including design and managerial positions. Over the years Shimon has been involved in chassis designs,  from board designer all the way to system level definitions of the whole chassis, its backplane, signal/power integrity and management.

Amiram jibly
Amiram Jibly.jpg

Amiram Jibly

System Design Technical lead at the Network ASIC group , Intel

Amiram Jibly has been with Intel for the past 8 years and is experienced in package and board design for high speed systems.

His current work focuses on passive interconnect simulation for 56G interfaces, as well as design for 25G and 56G electrical validation systems.

igal fridman
igal fridman.jpg

Igal Fridman

HW Design Engineer, Leading Technology Company

Igal Fridman is a Hardware Engineer with a well-known consumer electronics company. 7 years he was with Broadcom Inc, leading design of 56 Gbps SerDes solutions. In his previous role at Intel,  Igal was responsible for SerDes SI simulations. He has more than 14 years’ experience with high-speed system design and simulations, PCB structure optimization, high-speed and analog validation. Igal graduated from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel in 2003 and earned his M.Sc. from there in 2007.

dror haviv

Dror Haviv

Signal/Power Integrity and Electromagnetism Specialist, Rafael

Dror Haviv received his B.Sc degree in 2006 from the Institute of Technology, Holon, Israel and his M.Sc degree in 2009 from Ben-Gurion university, Be'er-Sheva, Israel. Both degrees are in Electrical Engineering, specialising in Electromagnetism and Microwaves. From 2010 to 2013 he served as signal/power integrity (SIPI) engineer in the EMC group in Rafael. These days he serves as the SIPI focal point of the R&D division at Rafael and as a corporate researcher. His  role encompasses SIPI research, high speed board design consulting, SIPI laboratory experiments, SIPI trainings (Course Lecturer), electromagnetic and SIPI simulations from board level to platform level and EMC engineering.

liav ben artsi
Liav Ben-Artsi.jpg

Liav Ben-Artsi

Staff Signal Integrity Manager, Marvell

Liav is a Staff Signal Integrity Manager at Marvell Israel Ltd.

For much of his 19 years there,  Liav has worked as a signal integrity engineer, focusing on signal integrity methodologies, Generating board and package signal integrity related guidelines, Test plan definitions and signal integrity training. Liav takes an active role in the IEEE802.3ck standard committee, and formerly in 802.3bj, actively contributing to the signal integrity related sections and definitions of the standard, including package models for COM and more.

Liav holds multiple patents in the SI field.

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