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Dgcon 2015 - Speakers

Dr. Eric Bogatin, Dean, Signal Integrity Academy, Teledyne LeCroy
Lecture: Reducing Losses In Differential Channels


Dr. Eric Bogatin is currently a Signal Integrity Evangelist with Teledyne LeCroy, focusing on helping engineers get to the right answer faster for signal integrity design, measurement and analysis problems.
He received his BS degree in physics from MIT in 1976, and MS and PhD degrees in physics from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1980. He has held senior engineering and management positions at Bell Labs, Raychem, Sun Microsystems, Ansoft, and Interconnect Devices.
Eric has written six books on signal integrity and interconnect design and over 300 papers. Many of these are posted for free download at His latest book “Signal and Power Integrity-Simplified” was published in 2009 by Prentice Hall. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the ECEE department at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he teaches graduate classes on signal integrity topics.

Mr. Liav Ben-Artsi, Senior Signal Integrity Manager, Marvell Israel
Lecture: Testing 25Gbps for 802.3bj 


Liav is a Senior Signal Integrity Manager at Marvell Israel Ltd. 

Liav has worked at Marvell for the last 15 years, most of the time as a signal integrity engineer, focusing on signal integrity methodologies, Generating signal integrity related guidelines, Test plan definitions and signal integrity training. 

Liav took an active part in IEEE802.3bj standard committee. Actively contributing to the signal integrity related sections and definitions in the standard including package models for Com and more. 

Liav holds several patents in the SI field as well as several others pending. 

Mr. John Calvin, Ultra Performance Instrument Planner/DataCom Segment Manager, Tektronix
Lecture: 100G and 400G Optical Ethernet and general Datacom testing requirements


John Calvin is the DataCom Segment Manager and Ultra Performance Planner for the Tektronix performance instrument group.   He is a senior member of IEEE and has spent many of this his? technical years at Tektronix, enabling high performance communications, consumer/enterprise  and data-com standards.

John holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Washington State University and holds 8 patents in measurement related technology.  He is a recognized spec contributor to the fields of InfiniBand, Fibre-Channel, PCI Express, SATA and USB.  Early in John’s career he led physical layer design efforts for ITU-T communications standards and has returned to this and recent IEEE 802.3 efforts as an area of professional focus.  

Dr. Davi Correia, Signal Integrity Engineer, Molex Incorporated

Lecture: High-Speed Systems: What Makes or Breaks A 25Gbps Channel


Davi Correia obtained his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computing Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2006. From 2007 to 2010 he worked as a research fellow and assistant professor in Brazil and in The Netherlands,  writing more than 20 papers on referred journals. In 2010 he joined FCI Electronics as R&D Signal Integrity Engineer. In January 2013 he  embarked on a role as Signal Integrity Engineer at Molex Inc, where he has two patents pending. He recently developed the web-based Molex Channel Analysis Tool (ChAT). His main interests are numerical methods, electromagnetic theory and applications, signal integrity and parallel computing.

Mr. Cristian Filip, Product Marketing Manager High Speed Analysis Products SDD, Mentor Graphics Corp.
Lecture: Incorporating COM Into An SI Analysis Methodology


Cristian Filip joined Mentor Graphics Corporation in 2014 as a product marketing manager for high-speed products. His interests include high-speed serial link design, modeling and simulations of DDR memory interfaces as well as power integrity. Prior to joining Mentor Graphics, Cristian was a Senior Hardware Engineer specializing in signal and power integrity at General Dynamics Canada in Ottawa. Cristian holds a M. Eng. In Electronics and Telecommunications from the Polytechnic University, Timisoara, Romania and is a member of Professional Engineers Ontario.

Dr. Avri Frenkel, Representative and Tech Support of CST in Israel, Anafa Electromagnetic Solutions Ltd.

Lecture: On Radiation Emissions From High-Speed PCBs


Dr. Avri Frenkel is currently the manager of Anafa – Electromagnetic Solutions, Israel, a consulting company for antennas, passive RF components and highspeed design; and a representative of CST – Computer Simulation Technology.

He received his B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics from the Hebrew University Jerusalem in 1970, and his M.Sc. and PhD in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science , Rehovot, in 1972 and 1978 respectively. He worked at Rafael for 17 years, holding senior R&D and management positions in EMC/EMI, antennas, antenna arrays and scattering; and then in MSC and Ansoft in software development, support and marketing positions. He started his own consulting company in 2000.
Dr. Frenkel has written more than 40 technical papers and holds several patents. He consults in his fields of expertise to Israeli high-tech companies; supports and gives training courses for the CST simulation tools.

Mr. Dror Haviv, Signal/Power Integrity and Electromagnetism Specialist, Rafael

Lecture: The Impact Of Conductors' Power Dissipation On The PCB's Temperature Rise 


Dror Haviv received his B.Sc degree in 2006 from the Institute of Technology, Holon, Israel and his M.Sc degree in 2009 from Ben-Gurion university, Be'er-Sheva, Israel. Both degrees are in Electrical Engineering, specialization area: Electromagnetism and Microwaves. From 2010 to 2013 he served as signal/power integrity (SIPI) engineer in the EMC group in Rafael. In these days he serves as the SIPI focal point of the R&D division in Rafael and as a corporate researcher. His job duties include SIPI researches, high speed board design consulting, SIPI laboratory experiments, SIPI trainings (Course Lecturer), electromagnetic and SIPI simulations from board level to platform level and EMC engineering.

Mr. Jeff Loyer, Signal and Power Integrity Product Manager, Altium
Lecture: PCB Material and Copper Foil Considerations for Signal Integrity 


From 2000 to 2015, Jeff Loyer led many Intel signal integrity groups tasked with solving issues arising during the implementation of high speed busses, and delivered papers outlining the results of those work groups (“Fiberweave effect”, conductor roughness, insertion loss modeling, etc.) at industry conferences and consortiums.  His areas of expertise have been server interconnect design, including PCB technology, High Density Interconnect (HDI, e.g. microvias and multi-laminations), flex circuits, cable and coax interconnects, and connectors.  He was also the signal integrity lead for several Intel server platforms including architecture, design, troubleshooting, & validation.  Jeff has taught several signal integrity classes within Intel and externally, striving to emphasize practical solutions and make electromagnetic concepts understandable for the digital designer.  Since retiring from Intel earlier this year, he is now a product manager at Altium.

Mr. Alex Manukovsky, Technical Lead, Signal & Power Integrity Team, Networking Division, Intel

Lecture: Robust Deembedding Techniques- Practical Solutions To Lab Correlation Challenges


Alex Manukovsky is a Technical lead, Signal & Power Integrity team at Intel Networking Division, working on channel modeling, robust deembedding and calibration techniques for VNA and TDR. Alex focuses on simulation to lab correlation for high speed serial links for PCIe and Ethernet technologies .His experience includes developing test equipment for compliance testing of serial I/O’s as well as lab measurement methodologies for volume testing and Si/Pi simulations.

Alex joined Intel in 2010 after receiving his BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. 

Mr. Shai Sayfan-Altman, Application Engineer, ANSYS

Lecture: Common-Mode Noise Suppression Using Metamaterials


Shai Sayfan-Altman is an application engineer at ANSYS and is responsible for EMI, signal integrity and power delivery network analysis and characterization. He develops new simulation flows for multi-physics scenarios. Shai  supports ANSYS Electronics tools and provides consulting, development and simulations services for Israeli companies in the above mentioned  fields.

Prior to ANSYS he worked for CSR as a senior EMI, signal and power integrity engineer; he also worked at “Snell & Wilcox” - a broadcasting company for Video conversion in England, as a Senior Hardware Engineer responsible for signal integrity.

Shai has authored and co-authored papers for international scientific conferences. He received a BSc degree in electrical engineering from Ben-Gurion University, Israel.

Mr. Eli Recht, Chief Engineer, EMC Department, ELOP/Elbit
Lecture: EMC & SI In Electro Optic Defense And Commercial Systems   


Eli has been a NARTE EMC certified engineer for more than 35 years. Many of his papers have been presented at national and international conferences. He is now a chief EMC and SI engineer in electro-optical systems in naval air ground and space environments, and a current secretary of IEEE EMC chapter in Israel.

Eli was a senior EMC engineer at ELTA IAI where he was involved in EMC design of avionic RPV, aircraft radar and communication systems. He was an EMC and EMP designer of major tactical communication systems, such as TADIRAN COM. SYSTEMS and he was a freelance consultant for 12 years in many commercial and defense companies.

Eli was an EMC designer in MBT IAI of a leading space program and later on established the EMC department in ELOP/ELBIT.

Mr. Mike Resso, Signal Integrity Application Scientist, Keysight Technologies
Lecture: A New Calibration Method For Characterization Of PCB insertion Loss


Mike Resso is the Signal Integrity Application Scientist in the Component Test Division of Keysight Technologies and has over twenty-five years of experience in the test and measurement industry. His background includes the design and development of electro-optic test instrumentation for aerospace and commercial applications.  His most recent activity has focused on the complete multiport characterization of high speed digital interconnects using Time Domain Reflectometry and Vector Network Analysis.

He has authored over 30 professional publications including a book on signal integrity.

Mike has been awarded one US patent and has twice received the Agilent “Spark of Insight” Award for his contribution to the company. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California.

Mr. Dudi Tash, SI\PI Expert, Dgtronix


Dudi started his practical Hardware Design Experience in 1991 in the IDF and Pegasus Technologies Ltd.
After graduating his degree in Electrical Engineering in 1997, he held various positions including Digital HW Engineer in Orckit Communications, Atrica (NSN), Senior HW Engineer in Silicom (part of the RAD Group), Flexlight Networks, and HW Director in Slyde Technologies.
Dudi founded Dgtronix in late 2007 and is the company CEO. Coupled with a strong technical and business background, he leads the Dgtronix team with over two decades of hardware design and development experience.
His expertise includes digital high-speed board design, analog design, power supply design, signal/power integrity simulations, RTL design, regulatory design compliance and testing.
Dudi teaches advanced High-Speed Board Design since 2008. He holds a B.Sc.(te) in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, both from Tel Aviv University.

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